Cambridge Learn is a first-of-its kind comprehensive digital learning solution for schools. The solution integrates digital teaching and learning with effective and efficient classroom management. As the digital solution creates new frontiers; it reinforces, extends and deepens students learning opportunities, and offers incredible power for personalized as well as collaborative learning. At the same time ensuring that it incorporates best practice pedagogy and is integrated systematically into a learning day.

A classroom at any stage of digital sophistication can easily adapt Cambridge Learn and integrate it seamlessly into the current system of the school. The programme has been devised to work on any platform - Android, iOS and Windows.

Cambridge Learn functions as a teacher’s assistant, augmenting their capabilities with specific features that include teacher’s plans for the year ahead, schedules of activities and assessments, advanced lesson planning and assessment plans to help teachers track individual students’ performance levels per subject. It complements existing teaching resources by providing books used by schools as ebooks, integrating simple yet effective learning management. It also provides easy information access for parents.

It is a complete teaching and learning programme that enables the introduction and optimum use of technology in the classroom. The programme comprises of books and learning resources on a tablet, and provides students with enhanced content. It has been designed to bring all the key stake holders into its fold – the teachers, the students and the school – with distinct benefits for all. It offers a wide range of books for CIE and IB qualifications. Assessments are fully customizable, enabling teachers to set tests for individual students or whole classes. Teachers can easily monitor student’s work and identify where they need further guidance, and help them where they need it the most. Helping teachers to be a mentor to their students and in the process overcoming the challenges of varied learners needs and facilitate their learning curve.

Owing to this immersive learning experience tailored to each student’s personal needs, we get happy learners!