Communication 360°

Communication 360°– Listening and Speaking Skills Development Powered by Technology.

Communication 360°, a technologically advanced learning solution for kids, makes English learning a fun experience with its innovative listening and speaking skill development techniques. The effective digital learning technique helps students communicate effectively and with confidence while allowing them to interact within relevant contexts.

We have always focused on offering resources that ignite curiosity and love for learning. Communication 360° is a learner-centric solution designed creatively to unlock the potential of the new age learner. This is a blend of School and Home use components with visual, auditory and kinaesthetic strategies developed on the basis of real-world practices for learning methodologies.

Extending beyond the confines of a classroom, this digital learning resource focuses on confidence building via multiple self-paced and guided practice opportunities. Designed on the concept of 'learning by doing,' the program regularly tracks the progress of students to help them improve at the right time.

Learning Strategies Adopted in Communication 360°

  • Gamification to make learning enjoyable with interactive games and other fun-filled activities.
  • Analytics to track regular performance of all the stakeholders through Progress tracker.
  • Speech recording engine to work on pronunciation during the learning process.
  • Pre, mid and post scored assessments.

In short, Communication 360°is a simple yet effective digital learning solution for students, teachers, and other stakeholders. 


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