Teacher’s Manuals with Resource Pack have been released to support our Books based on CBSE curriculum.

The Resource Pack is a digital solution for classrooms delivered via DVD-ROM packaged with the Teacher’s Manual. No internet connection is required! This blended format helps us to deliver richer products in a digital (offline) environment. It integrates an enhanced ebook with interactive teaching tools and Test Maker. The enhanced ebook augments learning by providing content-mapped supplementary audio, animations, interactivities, slideshows etc. The Test Maker offers to teachers the ease of preparing worksheets and test papers. It includes a wide variety of questions. Answers are provided to facilitate evaluation. The blend of Content and Technology, and a Printed Book and a Digital Resource Pack in this product proposition allows teachers to move beyond approaches that treat technology as an “add-on” instead to focus again, and in a more comprehensive way, upon the connections among technology, content, and pedagogy as they play out in classroom contexts. The Digital Learning Objects [i.e. a digital resource that can be reused to facilitate learning such as multimedia presentations, slideshows, animations, interactive activities etc.] that have been packed with the ebooks are not only mapped to the curriculum but also have been designed to deliver a learning outcome making best use of instructional theories. A conscious attempt has been made to allow for efficiency and effectiveness of Digital Learning Objects by considering their place within an educational environment, paying particular attention to the manner in which they, like any resource can aid or occlude productive interactions between teachers and students.

Assessment for learning is the process of seeking and interpreting evidence for use by learners and their teachers to decide where the learners are in their learning, where they need to go next, and how best to get them there.

There are two types of assessment:

1. summative: in the form of marks and grades given, for example, at the end of an activity, topic or year to measure and prove learning.

2. formative: takes place during the learning process and seeks to improve the learning rather than measure performance at the end of it.

Both types of assessments are duly supported in the Resource Pack through test generating tool, i.e. Test Maker which allows teachers to create multiple worksheets and question papers in a few clicks as well as the interactive activities that can be done inside the classroom while teaching.